About Xantie

about xantie

Any eye-catching branded (or seemingly non-branded) message on your screen is our specialty. Digital marketing, social media, creative content production, influencer marketing and consulting in all things digital – are the things that make our clients stand out.

We are here to inspire communities with our client’s impactful stories. Creativity, enthusiasm, honesty, knowledge and commitment are our traits. We create stories to bring positive, inspiring and memorable experiences.

Xantie Digital


A beautiful tiny creature we loved so much that we gave it a nickname. Originally called Xantus, this fascinating bird has the most amazing traits despite its small size, such as being able to adapt, travel long distance or its strong resilience. We find our digital agency just as optimistic and playful as xantie.

fields of expertise

digital strategy

What digital scope could be perfect for your brand, which are the approaches that work, how to set KPIs or internal processes, how to monitor results? Extensive experience and knowledge in all digital fields across industries is why clients hire us either as consultants on their projects or as project leaders within their company.

digital marketing

An eye-catching branded (or seemingly non-branded) message on your screen is our specialty. We're here to create unique creative stories for your brand, and to tell those stories through the most appealing digital formats for your campaigns.

content marketing

Expertise in brand management across different industries is our advantage in creating content concepts for different brands. We are committed to creating inspired, relevant, engaging, and surprising stories that people want to be involved with. And when stories we create inspire others we consider our job successfully done!


An online network of friends is a unique asset of Xantie. We have assembled a network of influential enthusiasts from around the world, the brand lovers and advocates who spread the positive vibe about the brands they love. It's not about the one-off creative content burst, it's about storytelling that lasts and building a relationship between influencers and brands.

artificial intelligence

PressHalo is the next generation AI and machine learning technology that helps power your media relations campaigns. PressHalo creates a way of matching the content of your news directly with the media, influencers and bloggers who are the most likely to find it interesting, to share it, write about it or comment on it.

  Marijana Matan


A digital enthusiast with an extensive experience of working in all fields of marketing and digital marketing across different industries-telecommunications, car industry, beer industry and tobacco. I believe that honesty, unselfishness in sharing the knowledge and the understanding of clients and their needs is crucial to bring efficiency in any strategy or a plan. Privately and personally in love with photography and social media. An influencer and Instagrammer who spent numerous hours on that platform just to learn about photography, to get to know the community and understand what kind of behaviour brings results on Instagram.

  Sanja Rodinis


Highly experienced in starting up and developing new businesses with a regional or a multimarket perspective, while successfully leading multicultural and multifunctional teams at the same time. Accomplished in all fields of business management, sales, marketing and digital marketing. Understanding the clients and their needs on a regional level, transforming their messages into highly creative and engaging media campaigns to further impress their customers is fundamental for clients to stand out. My vision is to bring these effective, creative and engaging digital solutions to every client out there to inspire their potential customers and brand lovers.

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