How to grow your Instagram account in number of followers?

Of course, that you wish for your Instagram account to grow in a large number of followers, who doesn’t? Chances are that you haven’t tried some of these useful tips! Now go and use them wisely 

Instagram, a simple photo sharing platform seems quite easy to comprehend, however if you wish to stand out on the network you would need to play the game with just about right combination of different elements of Instagram matrix. Using photography or video, telling stories, tagging friends and locations, engaging and paying attention to time are making all the difference!

Let’s assume that you already established an Instagram account, you post and engage regularly with your followers. You’re active, you reply to comments and tag your pictures. Even so, people are not following you back as much as you’d want to.

There are some things that aren’t so welcome on Instagram, although they’re rather common maybe for some other social media networks, Instagram community doesn’t like them, and there are chances people will unfollow you if you keep persistence around these:


1. Don’t post and disappear 

Instagrammers are photography lovers and they wish to communicate about almost anything that relates to photography — models in the photo, style of photography, editing process, cameras, locations where photo was taken and so on. If you post and then disappear, meaning if you don’t reply or say thank you to all the compliments you receive, people won’t write them that many anymore and shortly, they will probably unfollow. If you don’t interact with your followers they will still probably like your photos much more than your personality.


2. Never forget the tags 

When you post, you usually tag your photos to certain tags. You choose the tags according to the style of your photos and that’s more than well. Things don’t stop there. When you post and tag your pics, It’s exactly the right time to go through those tags and give some likes to the shots of other photographers that tagged their pic to the same tags as you. This is the way for someone to notice you, and that someone is probably intrested in same type of photography as you are.
Follow4follow on Instagram is not popular at all, it’s more welcoming to share likes and comments to photos you really like, and then to expect some love in return. That way you’d meet someone new, find new photographers to follow and get followers who really like you — as an artist and as a person. Those are the people you want to have among your followers.


3. See who’s online

Now this is a trick which works. That I figured out. And is proven. Go through your newsfeed, find someone (or a hub) who you really like and admire but who just posted a photo. People who liked that photo are those who are online (on Instagram) at the time when you need them. Visit their feeds, scan it and like few of their pics and leave the comment on one or more that you really like. I won’t exaggerate, but return on investment here :)) is huge. Approx. more than half of those accounts followed me every time I would do this exercise.

Your work, your gallery is a reflection of who you are. Your behavior on Instagram is also a reflection of who you are. Instagram community always rewards love, talent, kindness and positivity.

Thank you so much for reading! If this article was relevant and useful to you than it fulfilled its purpose.  

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