What makes the digital world go round?

To complete the whole story on digital, you would need to integrate the brand idea with all three types of digital media – Owned, Paid and Earned Media! Read more to find out how!

In digital, things are interconnected around with 3 the most important wheels: Owned Media, Paid Media and Earned Media. Neither one of these elements is stand-alone, and it`s important to take into consideration all types of media when you compose the digital marketing strategy since they would highly impact its result at the end. 

Owned Media has a central place in digital. You make all the decisions about content on the website or app regarding branded communication, interactions, what happens when, how and for whom. The great thing is that there are no algorithms here that are set by the third party which influence the exposure of your media. Everything is done and settled by you/brand. Successful strategists use paid and earned media to direct the users to the own media and success is measured in a number of visits to the website, a number of leads, e-mails and so on. In other words, paid and earned media are used to bring users to websites to increase the number of interactions with the brand, to increase interest, engagement, purchase or loyalty.

Paid Media can amplify the whole story and direct the highest traffic possible towards own media. There is a whole set of different formats and forms of advertisements to use, however, the most efficient channels are those that give you the highest ratio of reach and CPC. Still, many brands link their campaigns to Facebook or unfortunately don’t link their campaigns at all. So, think about paid media as an investment, and what would be the way to get the highest ROI online.

Earned Media means sharing the good word about the brand but by others – different communities, celebrities, influencers or respectable media representatives. These individuals produce their own creative content and share the story about the brand with their communities, so bringing the stories back to your own media makes sense. This way the brand closes the circle and returns the love back to the influencers and gives them the opportunity to be additionally exposed to gain new potential followers.

So, prior to composing any digital marketing strategy, think of all these types of media and how would you combine them when producing a new website, social media channels or a mobile app for example. Comprehensive digital strategy means coming up with the best possible combination of owned, paid and earned media, to distribute the strong, relevant and consistent branded message on digital channels, never losing focus from the users, their needs, behaviors, and experiences. 

Example of this principle would be for you to start your digital campaign only when you have produced a high-quality responsive website or a campaign landing page, invest the media budget into the digital channels that bring you the highest possible performance, and at the same time engage with influencers around the same campaign idea to produce UGC. Once the UGC is public on your influencer’s social media channel, it’s time to re-share it to your own media.

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