Meet Nicole!

This is a recipe to start a perfect day. Make yourself a coffee, take that cookie or a chocolate brownie, sit in your favorite chair or on a terrace and then visit www.instagram.com/nicolehunziker 

Nicole has the most amazing view on her Instagram profile. Not only that she is a fantastic photographer with the most incredible eye, she is also that perfect host you would ever get when visiting Switzerland!

Nicole is a kind Suisse girl who would make sure that you feel the most comfortable and that you meet Switzerland just the way it is. So, let’s find out more about her and her work.

The best thing about Instagram…

…is the ability for anyone out there to share their own vision of the world. How you see the world is typical for you only, and the ability to share that vision with the community is what makes all the difference. This is what kept me on Instagram ever since 2012., and the reason I never gave up on it.

Also, I very much appreciate that community aspect of Instagram. The chance to meet many people all over the world is priceless and to show them all my favorite places in Switzerland is huge! It’s amazing to see people all over the world being in awe about my country just like I am.

It’s been almost 5 years that I’m on this network and when I take a look back, it seems quite long. There were so many photos I took, so many positive and encouraging comments with my followers, and so many things I learned along the way.

Source of inspiration

The biggest source of inspiration for me is my father. He has been into photography ever since I was a little girl, so I met the world of photography from my earliest days. Imagine seeing the person you love the most being so excited about his work, and loving it so much? Well, that was something I wanted for myself in the future too.

Nicole’s advice about Instagram

I’ve learned that doing what you love in your own way is the most rewarding thing on Instagram for both, you and the network itself. Be authentic, do not copy other artists out there, but rather create your own style, and become unique in your own way.

And don’t give up. I remember myself taking photos in the pouring rain or the blizzard just to have that perfect shot and to pursue my dream. And even when I didn’t get that perfect shot, at least I had fun times, and something extra to talk about with my followers.

The Brands and Influencers

I very much support the idea of symbiosis between the brands and influencers. This cooperation is beneficial for both worlds. Working for the brands that I truly love would give me an opportunity to showcase them in my favorite environment and to encourage my followers to give them an opportunity. We all know how recommendation means more than the advertising message, so yes, I do welcome the brands on my Instagram page. The important thing for brands is to understand the value of working with an influencer – we invest love, time and energy into creating a unique piece of content that makes a difference. And we also share it with our community, people who trust us and share the same value with us. Opportunities are endless but brands need to perceive the value in this for the relationship to succeed.

The Algorithm

If I could change at least one thing about Instagram, it would be the new Algorithm. It brought so many changes for Instagrammers that are not at all well perceived. I would love to see everything my friends posted in chronological order, and not to miss on their work. With the new Algorithm, I miss many posts and I see only those that Instagram thinks I want to see. With this change they changed the fundamentals of the network. It’s like leaving a tree to grow at the same place but moving the roots, crazy!

Nicole’s tip & trick for you

I would just repeat what I said already. Stay true to yourself. Find that something so typical for you and create your own style. And then keep up to it, never give up!

I would appreciate you visiting my Instagram and saying hello www.instagram.com/nicolehunziker And don’t forget to say that hummingbird Xantie sent you!