Tips & tricks for great Instagram!

If you’re thinking about starting an Instagram account but don’t know how to do it to maximize results, here are some useful tips and tricks to build on your future #gramming skills. 

Instagram, a simple photo sharing platform seems quite easy to comprehend, however if you wish to stand out on the network you would need to play the game with just about right combination of different elements of Instagram matrix. Using photography or video, telling stories, tagging friends and locations, engaging and paying attention to time are making all the difference! 

My name is Marijana, my Instagram username @blue.ridinghood http://www.instagram.com/blue.ridinghood and my ultimate source of inspiration is nature, mountains, woods and that spooky magical fog! For the last 5 years of wasting time on Instagram JK ;)), I learned many things that could help you grow your account with number of followers, improve your photography skills, and engage and interact with your audience in a proper way.

So, here are some things I learned along the way and wished someone else was out there too to share with me when I started:

1. Community

Welcome to Instagram! Opening your account on this social media network, means that you just joined the community, and as simple as it seems, the word community means that you’re expected to communicate. You would need to do that quite often, actually all the time if you wish to naturally and organically grow your account in number of followers. Be prepared to spend numerous hours for browsing through tags, hubs, feeds, liking people’s photos, encouraging them to keep up with the good work and getting to know your followers and community members. People think Instagram is about photography, but it goes far beyond that. Instagram is about sharing your idea and vision of the world you see, sharing the love through likes and comments, and sharing emotions with others. All the kindness, unselfishness and positivity that you put into your work will be rewarded in nicest possible ways.

2. Concept

It’s much simpler than the rocket science and it might get even easier for you to keep the photos you take around some specific idea or a style that is typical only for you. Rarely this comes fast, it’s more of a process of getting to know yourself, the style you prefer, the type of work other photographers are doing that are the most inspiring for you.

A huge Instagram star Chris Burkard once said how Instagram is about repeating. Get to know which style of yours your followers love the best and then repeat that for at least 10.000 times!

Browsing through other people’s galleries, finding the photographers whose work you admire could be inspiring for you to bring something of your own. The idea that will speak through your gallery is something so unique — it will give your followers a reason to come back.

3. Your Gallery

Let’s assume you have the idea how to put your shots together. Gallery is the most important thing, it’s a photo scan of you and your creativity. Depending on your concept, try being random as much as possible in within the creative limits that you set for yourself. For example, if you decide to take photos of roads, explore all the possibilities out there: railways, all kinds of transport vehicles, close-ups, from up above, then some road trip essentials, why not shoot them as flat lays and explore the excitement of travel? Then take some car pics, or your friends with bikes, tents, etc. Using quotes became so cheesy, but occasionally if you find your unique creative way, why not? Your gallery is something you’re proud of, and try seeing it from someone else’s eyes. Do you say “wow” at the first glimpse? Not yet? Practice, post, delete, combine, and play.

4. Editing

It’s not that you must edit your pics. You can post them unedited if you like. However, there are numerous applications that might help you add some spice to your photos, and will give a topic more for you to chat about with your followers. Tweak your photos: adjust contrast, saturation, highlight, exposure and add some rad filters if you like. Editing your photos will contribute to your recognizable style.

5. Tag

Never forget to tag your pics! People don’t yet know about you and the only way for them to get familiar with you or your work is by tagging the pics. Tell the world about your idea, willingly share the knowledge about editing process, or how you took the pics, and engage!

How willingly you share the love through likes of other people’s pics, how often you browse through tags and communicate with them depends how much you will enjoy the community in its every aspect. Remember, kindness opens every door. People who are kind on Instagram (or everywhere else matter of fact) rarely have bad experiences.

Thank you so much for reading! If this article was relevant and useful to you than it fulfilled its purpose.

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